Cavalier Daily May 19, 1954 - Unwarranted Political Pressure.pdf
An article commenting in favor of the suspension of 11 University students convicted of what appears…

Cavalier Daily Sept 24, 1974 - A Cheer for Qualified Males.pdf
A letter to the editor from a male student who unsuccessfully tried out for the University…

Cavalier Daily Sept 12, 1975 - Nursing the Sexual Revolution.pdf
A satirical article by a male reporter lamenting that "girls have taken over the Nursing Dorm." The…

Cavalier Daily Sept 18, 1975 - Judge Halts Sterilization.pdf
In England. Judge Rose Heilbron rules against sterilizing a mentally disabled girl with Soto's…

Cavalier Daily Nov 6, 1975 - Victim Voices Anger, Humiliation.pdf
An anonymous rape survivor discusses her emotional struggle, asserts that rape survivors are not…

Cavalier Daily April 19, 1979 - Attacks Can Occur Even in Safest Neighborhoods.pdf
In a letter to the editor, a fourth year female student reports being physically assaulted by an…

Cavalier Daily July 19, 1979 - Sex Change Suit Pending.pdf
Selena Jagger files a lawsuit against the University Hospital for a botched sex change operation.

Rape victim still tormented by memories- Sarris.pdf
Article is the first in a four-part series on rape in the UVA and Charlottesville community: "Mary"…

This article discusses the difficulties in persuading UVA faculty members to go to meetings about…

1984-02-28 Woman Doctor Gives Inside View.pdf
Dr. Elsa Paulsen, associate professor of pediatrics and assistant professor of biochemistry, offers…

1984-04-06 Gays Do Not Choose Their Lifestyle.pdf
This letter to the editor by a gay student asserts that gays do not choose their sexual orientation.…

1984-04-17 Anti-Gay Bigotry May 'Wreak Havoc'.pdf
This letter to the editor criticizes an anti-gay Cavalier Daily article by Terrell Bower. The writer…