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Gays Do Not Choose Their Lifestyle

This letter to the editor by a gay student asserts that gays do not choose their sexual orientation. The writer discusses the difference between the types of attraction he feels towards men and women, and speculates that, despite being gay, he would eventually like to marry a woman and raise a family. He expresses reservations about starting a family with another man, as he is uncertain whether it would be fair to deprive his future children of a mother.


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Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Gays Do Not Choose Their Lifestyle
As a gay male, I wanted to dispel a misconception that many people have about gays. Many people think being gay is a “lifestyle” that gays choose to follow. I personally have never chosen to be gay. I would never have wished for such as thing. However, whether it is due to hereditary, environmental or a combinational cause, I am very strongly attracted to men physically and emotionally, and am not at all attracted to women in the same way.
At the same time, however, I think would very much want to get married to a woman and raise a family, at some point in my life. At this time, I cannot say whether or not this would be possible for me. I wouldn’t want to adopt children while living with a man because I don’t think it would be fair to deprive a child of a mother. But whether it be an open marriage, a gay-lesbian marriage, or a conventional one, I definitely see the possibility (and desire) of marrying a woman at some later point in my life.
That is how I stand.
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