September 24, 1974 · Cavalier Daily

A Cheer for Qualified Males

A letter to the editor from a male student who unsuccessfully tried out for the University cheerleading team twice, and expresses the opinion that this was the result of an anti-male bias during tryouts.


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Bill Preston
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
A Cheer for Qualified Males
Dear Sir:
If there is a good adjective for this school year, I would choose the word “controversial.” In this case, I present the question of choosing the cheerleaders.
Last spring I decided to show more school spirit and try out for cheerleader, along with five or six other males. I think I am a Wahoo by nature, and I was looking forward to try outs. Later I became upset when Mr. Edwards asked the males to wait and try out again in the fall, because there was not a sufficient number of males trying out.
When this happened, I deducted [sic] that he was trying to get rid of us as soon as possible. This fall only four of us returned to try out, mainly because of the requirements of being somewhat of a gymnast. When try-outs came around we (males) decided to ask Mr. Edwards if there was any need for only the four of us males trying out.
He beat round the bush for a while, and frankly said something to the effect, There’s no need because there are so few of you” (not an exact quotation).
From this point he deducted [sic], “There just weren’t any qualified males.” The point of the matter is that there was a lack of interest among the male students, and the idea of gymnastics did not appeal to most of the males. I write this letter only to defend myself, because of Mr. Edwards’ comment. Mr. Edwards, try to keep your facts straight.
Bill Preston
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