Coming Out in Charlottesville- The Observer.pdf
Local activists notes that attitudes are changing about the gay community in Charlottesville and…

Being gay or lesbian in college- Guernnsey.pdf
"Life gets easier...but, by no means, easy"
Article discussing the struggles and issues faces by…

B-GLAD increases awareness- Bartlett & Barney.pdf
"In order to increase awareness of issues concerning the homosexual and bisexual communities, the…

Author discusses male-on-male rape- Huneke.pdf
Author Michael Scarce addressed students about problems facing male rape victims

1984-03-28 Gay Awareness Week.pdf
After deliberation, the Student Council decides to endorse Gay Awareness Week. Debate among…

1984-03-29 Sexual Orientation Discrimination Has No Place at Law School.pdf
This letter to the editor indicates that UVa's Law School is one of the only top American law…

1984-04-02 Equal Rights.pdf
This statement by the Cavalier Daily expresses support of Gay Awareness Week's efforts to reduce…

1984-04-03 The Wrong Remedy.pdf
This statement by the Cavalier Daily opposes the inclusion of sexual orientation in the University's…

1984-04-05 Acceptance of Gay Rights 'Not a Given.pdf
This guest column responds with approval to the UVa Law School's decision to include sexual…

1984-04-06 Law School Must State Its Gay Policy.pdf
This letter to the editor critiques a previous editorial which claimed that the Law School need not…

1984-04-06 Gays Do Not Choose Their Lifestyle.pdf
This letter to the editor by a gay student asserts that gays do not choose their sexual orientation.…

1984-04-10 Gays Have a Long Way to Go.pdf
Following Gay Awareness Week, this letter to the editor discusses the importance of ensuring the…