April 2, 1984 · Cavalier Daily

Equal Rights

This statement by the Cavalier Daily expresses support of Gay Awareness Week's efforts to reduce discrimination against gays. At the same time, the statement asserts that supporting the event does not necessarily equate to "condoning homosexuality."


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Equal Rights
Gay rights mean equal rights. Discrimination on any basis is wrong. It is wrong to deny anyone opportunities merely because of his religion or sexual preference. For this reason, everyone, gays and '"straights” alike, should support Gay Awareness Week.
Throughout this week, the Gay Student Union will sponsor events to promote gay rights and to help homosexuals cope with the typical problems they encounter.
Homosexuals have not always been so well accepted. Ten years ago, students may have rallied in protest of Gay Week. But because of events such these and the courageous "coming out" of many people, homosexuals are much better received.
it is difficult to determine the frequency of discrimination against gays. But injustices no doubt occur. And as long as they do, programs such Gay Awareness Week will be necessary.
Supporting these events does not necessarily imply condoning homosexuality. Many question the morality of homosexuality. But it is nor anyone else's place to judge that issue.
As educated people, students should let it be known this week that all humans should be treated with equal rights and respect.
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