1984-02-07 What's Really Wrong With Pornography.pdf
This opinion article rebuts the view that pornography is damaging due to its sexual objectification…

1987-04-20 - Wheeler Discusses Acquaintance Rape.pdf
University lecturer John Wheeler gives a talk about acquaintance rape, in which he discusses the…

When will 'no' mean no?- Brown.pdf
"Ah, youth. The liberties of collegiate life occur at a juncture in adolescence when most students…

1985-04-22 Who's Afraid of the Boogieman.pdf
This letter to the editor criticizes students' calls for better lighting around Grounds to prevent…

Wilson recants plea at sentencing- Hong.pdf
"Convicted felon Aaron R. Wilson yesterday withdrew his guilty plea to charges of aggravated sexual…

Cav Daily Oct 1, 1954 - Wise Women.pdf
A short quote denouncing women's attempts at independence from men.

1984-09-14 Woman Assaulted.pdf
A female University administrator is assaulted, and local resident Paul Schoolcraft is arrested and…

Woman assaulted, beaten at fraternity- Eshleman.pdf
Police: attacker tried to choke UVA student after luring her into room, attempting rape

1984-02-28 Woman Doctor Gives Inside View.pdf
Dr. Elsa Paulsen, associate professor of pediatrics and assistant professor of biochemistry, offers…

Cavalier Daily Sept 5, 1975 - Woman Sues Drug Firm in Dalkon Shield Case.pdf
University student Christina Osequeda sues the A.H. Robbins Co. for an allegedly defective Dalkon…

1985-03-05 Women Allegedly Assaulted.pdf
Two female University students are assaulted by three unidentified black males. After being struck…

1984-04-18 Women Ask Council Curb of Area Rapes.pdf
Charlottesville women's groups, led by Cyndi Taylor, appeal to the city council to curb a recent…