1986-03-04 - Roles of ROTC Women.pdf
This letter to the editor is written by a female ROTC member in response to the Cavalier Daily's…

1996-03-19 - Cavalier Daily Porn Films Raise False Hopes, Desires.pdf
A first-year opinion columnist who is engaged in a long-distance relationship discusses the role of…

Cavalier Daily Oct 6, 1992 - Court Backs VMI Status.pdf
The 4th District Circuit Court of Appeals upholds VMI's single-sex status, but requires that it…

Cavalier Daily Apr 16, 1993 - ACLU Considers Constitutionality of Sex Proposal; Student Council Opposes Restrictions on Relationships.pdf
The VA chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union reflects on the legality of the proposed ban on…

Cav Daily Sept 14, 1992 - Letters to the Editor.pdf
A series of letters to the editor from faculty and students address party culture as a risk factor…

Women's Center, UVA

1996-10-23 Cavalier Daily Coeducation Breeds Protest, Sexism.pdf
This historian's column reacts to VMI's co-ed shift with an account of the integration of female…

1997-02-21 Cavalier Daily NOW Acts Fairly.pdf
This letter to the editor responds to a previous opinion article by Peter Brownfeld entitled…

Cavalier Daily Sept 23, 1975 - Panelists Examine Women's Role in Society.pdf
In a panel discussion at the Law School, Dorothy McDiarmid, Lynne Edgerton, and Phoebe Hall discuss…

Cavalier Daily Nov 21, 1975 - Issues Degrading to Women.pdf
A series of letters to the editor reacting to protests at the Minories Pub, a Charlottesville bar…

UVA Group is accused of sexism-Morrison.pdf
Complaints also allege illicit drinking on Campus- Complaints Prompt prove of UVA Group

Cavalier Daily Nov 3, 1975 - Women's Groups Plan Actions Against Minories.pdf
The Radical Feminist Union and the Charlottesville chapter of the National Organization of Women…