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Roles of ROTC Women

This letter to the editor is written by a female ROTC member in response to the Cavalier Daily's recent coverage of her receipt of the Legion of Valor Award. She states that she feels misrepresented by the article, which she says incorrectly depicts her as claiming that ROTC men are not receptive to women in ROTC.


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Elizabeth Reynolds
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Roles of ROTC Women
Yesterday The Cavalier Daily presented an article on me and the presentation of my Legion of Valor award. Thank you for covering the event but let me take this time to clarify my quotes for I feel misrepresented by the article.
The Army ROTC males in our corps are very receptive toward female leaders – in fact, at times they are probably more receptive than I would be in their situation. As a female, it is unlikely that I would be assigned to Combat Arms and impossible that I would be assigned to Infantry. A male, on the other hand, has a greater possibility of being forced-branched to a branch he does not want, these chances are increased by the number of female officers.
Consequently, if a male and a female are competing for the same branch the female has a slight edge. Thus I feel that males have a justification for their hesitation concerning females in the Army.
As to the article, it sounded as if I thought the males in ROTC have a problem with female leaders. Obviously this is untrue: the success f my job as training and operations officer completely depends on the males who rank above and below me. If it were not for their receptiveness, the award I received on Tuesday could not have been possible.
Elizabeth Reynolds
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