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Issues Degrading to Women

A series of letters to the editor reacting to protests at the Minories Pub, a Charlottesville bar named and styled after the London district where Jack the Ripper murdered prostitutes. One letter endorses the protests, asserting that they have unified the University community against an issue that is degrading to women, even if they have increased Minories' business in the short term. A second letter by a member of the National Women's Lobby takes issue with a Charlottesville ice cream parlor called As You Like It, arguing that the menu of the parlor promotes a Renaissance tendency to discriminate against women.


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Jim Mann, Brenda Dahland
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Issues Degrading to Women
Dear Sir:
This is somewhat of a reply to Mr. Mark Mellon’s (Coll. 3) letter of Nov. 12. In it he criticized the boycott of The Minories because the action against the pub actually increased business. In his own words he declared “The whole thing takes on an aspect of futility when regarded in this light.” I choose not to regard the boycott “in this light” but see it as something brighter than the dull “light” that was revealed to Mr. Mellon.
The total effect of the boycott may never be felt. News coverage is reaching far outside the Unviersity area. Do we have any idea of the number of highs chool girls who are exposed to it either by TV or newspapers?
How many of these young girls are being inspired by the courage of their older “sisters” who are bold enough to take on a Corner merchant? How many of these young girls now have the courage to tackle some silly sexist rule in their own schools?
When these young girls are in college how many will look back to The Minories for strength to speak against issues that will be degrading to women in their era? Questions as these may never be answered, but are we to assume the spirit of th boycott will travel no further than University Avenue?
The impact the boycott is having on our University is, in itself, sort of a revelation. Seldom does the sun set without another campus organization – be it student or faculty – that passes a resolution in support of the boycott. The boycott seems to surpass all boundaries of sex, race, religion or politics. If nothing else, it has “brought us together” as a University community – quite as [sic] achievement when you consider our diversities!
I must agree that the boycott is increasing the business of The Minories. However, this is only a temporary result. After the “curiosity seekers” have had their fill, The Minories will, once again, rely upon the pocketbooks of University personnel. Then, let’s see the cash register tape at the end of the day!
Jim Mann
Educ. 3

Sundae ‘outrage’
Dear Sir:
As a member of the National Women’s Lobby, and concerned over what is going on at the University of Virginia, I feel impelled to comment on the recent activity by various feminist groups.
Though their intentions were good, their attentions were misdirected. The real outrage to women in Charlottesville is not at The Minories, but the newly opened ice-cream parlor called As You Like It. This establishment is a prime example of maltreatment of women through the ages.
Honoring Shakespeare and his works, the store also honors the degredation [sic] of women in th period which the infamous author lived. One look at the menu is enough to offend all modern women, with such items as: Do What You Will Sundaes, The Shrew’s Soda, specially “blended to give a rich, creamy flavor”; The Kiss Me Kate, and other exploitations of women, mistreated by Shakespeare and popularized by women-haters. But the biggest outrage is to be found in the Passionate Shepherd: two balls of ice cream, “nestled under whipped cream mounds and centered with a banana candle, passionately aflame!”
Not to stop there, the menu goes on to list a collection of sandwiches, ALL NAMED AFTER MEN! And to top it off, most of the ice-cream descriptions feature a ripe, red cherry.
How humiliating to wlak [sic] into a store and be confronted with the ridicule we have put up with for so many centuries. When will it all stop? Not until we react. Therefore, I urge all women in this university to give up avenging the deaths of Jack the ripper’s victims and come to the rescue of the countless women defiled by Shakespeare, before we are returned to that servitude we have only so recently escaped from.
Brenda Dahlaad
National Women’s Lobby
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