Cavalier Daily Oct 3, 1974 - Council Defends IFC Recognition.pdf
The Inter-Fraternity Council acknowledges that racial discrimination/segregation and gender…

Cavalier Daily Apr 24, 1979 - A Slap on the Wrist.pdf
Following the verbal and physical assault of two female students by fraternity members, this letter…

Cavalier Daily Apr 25, 1979 - Convicted Students Receive Trifling Punishment.pdf
Multiple letters to the editor object to the light punishments received by five fraternity members…

Cavalier Daily Apr 27, 1979 - Fraternities Show Positive Attributes.pdf
In responses to various criticisms of fraternities, this article points out some of their benefits,…

Cavalier Daily July 19, 1979 - Sex Change Suit Pending.pdf
Selena Jagger files a lawsuit against the University Hospital for a botched sex change operation.

Cavalier Daily Apr 12, 1993 - Letters to the Editor.pdf
Three letters to the editor, including one from Women's Center director Sharon Davie, express…

Cavalier Daily Apr 13, 1993 - Prohibit, Protect, Police.pdf
An article criticizing Women's Studies director Ann Lane and a new proposal to restrict…

Cavalier Daily Apr 15, 1993 - Groups March Against Violence; Casteen Criticized for Response to Scandals..pdf
One article reports on a Take Back the Night protest, in which 70 students and faculty marched along…

Cavalier Daily Apr 16, 1993 - ACLU Considers Constitutionality of Sex Proposal; Student Council Opposes Restrictions on Relationships.pdf
The VA chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union reflects on the legality of the proposed ban on…

Cavalier Daily Apr 21, 1993 - Overdue.pdf
A letter to the editor states that recently increased security measures by University Police, such…

Cavalier Daily Apr 22, 1993 - Ridiculous; Overbreadth.pdf
A satirical letter to the editor ridicules a recent initiative's attempt to ban student-faculty…

NOW Open Letter to President Teresa Sullivan.pdf
Representatives of the National Organization for Women (NOW) request President Sullivan's…