April 27, 1979 · Cavalier Daily

Fraternities Show "Positive Attributes"

In responses to various criticisms of fraternities, this article points out some of their benefits, including entertainment and the fact that they contain a significant proportion of the student population.


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Marty Baxter
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Fraternities Show "Positive Attributes"
This year, the fraternities at the University have been confronted with many charges. They have been brought up for party violations. They have been accused of poor garbage removal. Some have been singled out as discriminating because of their use of Farmington for formal affairs. From the amount of coverage in The Cavalier Daily via editorials and articles, it would appear that represent a conglomerated liability to the University rather than a strong asset.
However, if you delve further, you find many more positive attributes than negative ones. First of all, fraternities and sororities house a significant portion of the student population. Without such housing benefits, it is doubtful if the administration could continue in its lackadaisical efforts in providing student housing.
Secondly, the use of dining facilities in fraternities and sororities provides another relief to the administration in meeting the needs of the students.
Thirdly, the social activities generated by fraternities and sororities offer a big outlet for entertainment to a great deal of students both inside and outside the fraternity-sorority realm. During Easters, since the University provided no major functions during the weekend, pressure was placed upon the fraternities to entertain thousands of people at each individual house's expense.
We decided to attempt to close our parties, and found ourselves faced with many students expecting and in some cases demanding to share our good times. The crowds were so large that brothers were not able to enjoy the bands nor the good times often shared with alumni and other brothers on big weekends. While speaking of social outlets, it must be noted that for a university of our size, we are one of the few without an adequate student center.
Fourthly, there has been the complaint of "trashing.” Yet, fraternities and sororities have volunteered to clean up the streets each morning after major party weekends even though much of the debris is generously donated by others
Fifthly, a majority of the houses have signed letters stating their non-discriminatory practices. Furthermore, IFC has encouraged black fraternities to participate more in IFC matters but have unfortunately encountered little success except during the Farmington controversy.
Finally and most importantly, little has been mentioned of the unbelievable amount of dollars donated nor the hours devoted to community services due to the effort of fraternity and sorority members. The dance marathon, Derby Day, the Run-a-thon, Bounce for Beats, and the Cancer Drive are just a few activities which garner thousands of dollars to help those in need. In addition, hundreds of hours are spent working with Madison House, the Charlottesville Housing Improvement Program. the Albemarle Housing Improvement Program, and other groups which need and greatly appreciate our endeavors.
This weekend marks the annual drive for the American Cancer Society. Brothers from Delta Fraternity will be collecting donations Friday ad Saturday at various locations throughout Charlottesville. The theme is "Send a Mouse to College,” meaning that the money donated will be used for important research. Last year, we collected some $1200 and hope to increase that amount to at least $1500.
In writing this article, it is not my intention to offend those outside of fraternities and sororities. However, it bothers me tremendously to hear people "knock" the fraternity system. We recognize our problems and are working hard to alleviate our deficiencies. In the meantime, help us in our efforts to help others. In the meantime, help us “Send a Mouse to College”!
Marty Baxter, President
Delta Upsilon Fraternity
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