Charlottesville's Sexual Assault Resource Agency SARA) conducted research to understand the…

Cavalier Daily Sept 16, 1992 - Council Rejects Input Resolution; Fraternity Members, Officials Study System.pdf
Claire Kaplan speaks about the rising number of sexual assaults, including those unreported. In a…

Cavalier Daily - Sexual Harassment Awareness Rises; Students Encounter Difficulty Overcoming Sexism.pdf
An article reports increased national and campus-wide awareness of sexual assault, including more…

Cavalier Daily Sept 23, 1992 - Above the Law.pdf
An article criticizing the vigilantism of the Southern Society, a secret society that aims to combat…

Cavalier Daily Sept 25, 1992 - Bizarre Events Alarm Students.pdf
Bizarre events include a report of a male student masturbating in a public place, and a man chasing…

Cavalier Daily Apr 13, 1993 - Society Violations Weighed; University Reflects on Conflicting Nature of Founding Father.pdf
One article reports on initial discussions between University Police and the Committee for…

Recent assaults cause concern among students-Dennis, County police report case of local date rape-Wall.pdf
Two articles regarding the assault of a male UVA student, and another date rape of a UVA student

1996-10-21 Cavalier Daily Silent Statistics.pdf
An article by Claire N. Kaplan of the UVA Women's Center reacts to recent increases in crime in the…

1996-11-21 Cavalier Daily Officials Gather for Discussion of Security (part 1).pdf
In the wake of several housing break-ins in the University community, UVA and Charlottesville…

1997-03-27 Cavalier Daily Silent Voices.pdf
This opinion article considers the disparity between the "one in four" statistic and the paucity of…

1997-04-16 Cavalier Daily Contradictions Permeate Editorial, News Pages.pdf
This article criticizes the Cavalier Daily's recent coverage of issues pertaining to sexual assault.…

1998-02-02 Cavalier Daily Simple Steps Prevent Assault v. Administration Must Act.pdf
Students and "Viewpoint" columnists provide differing ideas on how to prevent sexual assault. The…