A UVA student was the victim of an attempted rape while jogging. When this article was published,…

Recent assaults cause concern among students-Dennis, County police report case of local date rape-Wall.pdf
Two articles regarding the assault of a male UVA student, and another date rape of a UVA student

This list of laws passed in Virginia contains a law about campus sexual assault. Some of the…

1996-01-21 Cavalier Daily University Crime Index Falls Compared to 1995 Numbers (part 1).pdf
The University Police Department's 1996 Crime Index indicates a general decrease in crime as…

1996-11-19 Cavalier Daily N.J. Judge Gives McAllister 12 Years for 1995 Sex Crimes (part 1).pdf
A New Jersey judge sentences former UVA student Christopher McAllister to 12 years in prison for…

1984-09-11 Details of Case Unclear.pdf
Charlottesville police investigate the rape of a 16-year old girl at Phi Gamma Delta fraternity…

1988-04-22 - Roe's Case Sent to Grand Jury.pdf
A rape charge against third-year UVa student Richard Roe is scheduled to be sent to a grand jury in…

1988-04-21 - Roe's Hearing Closed.pdf
Student Richard Roe, charged with rape after being accused of raping a 21-year old University woman…

1985-03-20 Corner Assailant Loses Case.pdf
Paul D. Schoolcraft, a local Charlottesville man, is arrested on on three sexual battery charges and…