1996-10-14 Cavalier Daily Demanding Equality.pdf
A gay columnist reacts to the Board of Visitors' resistance to accept SAF guidelines protecting…

1983-09-16 Cavalier Daily Dean Criticizes Poster Symbol.pdf
University faculty and administrators object to a poster released by Phi Gamma Delta (colloquially…

Cav Daily Sept 3, 1992 - Darden Seeks to Rid School of Gender Bias.pdf
Darden implements initiatives to address reports of sexual harassment among the faculty.

Cavalier Daily Sept 16, 1992 - Council Rejects Input Resolution; Fraternity Members, Officials Study System.pdf
Claire Kaplan speaks about the rising number of sexual assaults, including those unreported. In a…

1997-04-16 Cavalier Daily Contradictions Permeate Editorial, News Pages.pdf
This article criticizes the Cavalier Daily's recent coverage of issues pertaining to sexual assault.…

1996-09-12 Cavalier Daily Color Blind.pdf
The Honor Committee's Diversity Task Force uncovers discrepancies between percentages of white and…

1998-02-05 Cavalier Daily Black History Month Provokes Interracial Reflection.pdf
During Black History Month, members of the UVA community reflect on racial issues, including the…

1998-02-19 Cavalier Daily Alumnus Leads Race Discussion.pdf
Former University English Professor John Coleman leads an open discussion forum about racial issues…

The University releases the Survivor Support Network to encourage survivors to report. This opinion…