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Darden Seeks to Rid School of Gender Bias

Darden implements initiatives to address reports of sexual harassment among the faculty.


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Darden Seeks to Rid School of Gender Bias
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Prompted by a recent report that found evidence of sexual harassment among faculty members, Darden School Dean John Rosenblum yesterday announced a variety of initiatives, including the establishment of a task force to supplement the school’s efforts to recruit senior women and minority faculty members.
Rosenblum convened a faculty meeting to respond to the unresolved tensions between male and female faculty members due to accusations of sex discrimination and sexual harassment.
He said his goals for the 1992-93 academic year are to “start Darden on the path to becoming a model of inclusiveness and innovation in the area of gender issues and a leader in handling sensitive issues such as sexual discrimination and gender bias” and to become “nationally known for its appreciation of and concern for the role of women in business.”
He added the faculty’s reaction was positive.
“The Faculty was very supportive and anxious to get involved,” Rosenblum said. “I shared with the faculty an action plan and goals for the school in responding to the challenge of creating an organization climate supportive of all members of the community.”
He emphasized faculty interaction as a critical component of his plans.
“Action plans were discussed in an number of areas and the faculty responded positively to the initiatives,” he added.
Sondra Stallard, corporate relations director and chairwoman for the committee on gender issues, said she was pleased with the dean’s announcement.
“It was a thoughtful and substantive presentation that acknowledged a need to address issues of sex discrimination and sexual harassment,” Stallard said. “the dean announced a number of initaitives that will help the community to increase its awareness and understand the challenges that we’ve faced and will help us to take meaningful action to ensure that the environment is supportive for all of its members.”
Sex discrimination and sexual harassment are serious problems for the Darden School, she said.
“I’m glad that we will take serious steps to address it,” she added.
A report issued in May found evidence of a hostile climate between male and female faculty members. The report also found problems within the school that blocked introducing diversity.
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