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Common Evils

A letter to the editor expresses a pro-choice perspective and explores the "evils" that may result from prohibiting abortion.


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Moira Coughlin
Cavalier Daily
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Common Evils
This letter is in response to the news story, “Protestors gather at area abortion clinic,” Sept. 22. I am not criticizing the reporting in this case, but would like to respond to the protestors' comments.
To begin, I would like to commend the activists for remaining peaceful.
I must, however, disagree with some statements made by David Walker and Joseph Hughes (two quoted participants).
Walker called abortion a “common evil in society.” The bigger common evil is that unwanted children are being born into this world.
People without the emotional, financial or physical means to have children would too often become parents without access to legalized abortion.
Hughes made the comment that “In time, a woman can overcome rape or incest, but terminating a life stays with her forever.”
This is an infuriating statement to any victim of rape or incest. The emotional scars left by these two acts can, in fact, never be overcome.
The effect would be even worse if a child were born out of rape or incest because the victim could not safely and legally have an abortion.
Hughes also said, “If doctors truly love their patients, they should perform abortions free of charge.”
This cop-out tactic could be applied to any occupation and it would be equally unrealistic. If teachers really valued students’ educations they would not expect salaries.
If ministers and the church truly loved their congregations they would not even take up a collection. This concept is totally ridiculous.
Finally, I also find it interesting no women were quoted at the demonstration.
Were there none present? Do no women believe in this cause enough to speak up?
These two men seem to have a lot to say about issues that do not directly affect them,
Would anti-abortionists feel better about “goodness in society” if women were dying as a result illegal abortions and children not being cared for properly because the government was making decisions concerning others’ bodies?
Moira Coughlin
College I
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