Editors of the Cavalier Daily argue why organizations like the Jefferson Society and fraternity …

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Cavalier Daily article on student opinion about having "house mothers" present in dorms that jokes…

Cavalier Daily Apr 12, 1954 - Nobody Asked Me.pdf
A brief, wry paragraph commenting on a new ruling at Northwestern University permitting couples to…

Cavalier Daily May 14, 1954 - Easters 1984.pdf
An article imagines Easters at UVA in the future year 1984, and predicts that "because of the rapid…

Cavalier Daily May 18, 1954 - The Decision.pdf
An article reacting to the Supreme Court's ruling to desegregate schools, advocating that the…

Cavalier Daily May 19, 1954 - Unwarranted Political Pressure.pdf
An article commenting in favor of the suspension of 11 University students convicted of what appears…

Cavalier Daily May 21, 1954 - Letters Criticize Wednesday's Editorial.pdf
Several letters to the editor react against a previous editorial that supported the suspension of 11…

Cavalier Daily May 25, 1954 - Previous Position Reiterated.pdf
The author of a May 19 editorial reiterates his support for the suspension of 11 students for an…

Cavalier Daily May 26, 1954 - Editorial Position Shrouds Situation; Obscurity 'Feeds Sensation Seekers'.pdf
A letter to the editor insists that the editor's support of the suspension of 11 students for an…

Cavalier Daily May 27, 1954 - Is There Need to Fear Loss of Individuality.pdf
Various letters express concern about integrity and honor at the University. Although some of these…

Cavalier Daily May 28, 1954 - Suspensions Upheld by Board of Visitors.pdf
The Board of Visitors denies appeals by 5 of the 12 students charged with "conduct ending to…

Cavalier Daily May 29, 1954 - Views on Segregation.pdf
Various students' reactions against and in favor of the Supreme Court ruling to desegregate schools.