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Status of Women Discussed

Norma Geddes, chairwoman of the Task Force on the Status of Women, addresses an open forum on women's issues at the University, such as the lack of child care for female employees, including faculty and classified employees. She lauds UVa President O'Neil's active stance on addressing women's issues.


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Kathy Morton
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Status of Women Discussed
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In an open forum of the Task Force on the Status of Women, Norma Geddes, chairwoman of the subcommittee for classified employees, spoke last night on issues of concern to women on the University staff.
Geddes cited child care, lack of pay equity, inadequate Grounds security and a lack of promotional opportunites and leave extentions for family illness as the main issues that need University attention.
These issues will be published in the subcommittee’s preliminary report, to be presented to University President Robert O’Neil next month.
Geddes said O'Neil has been committed to the work of the Task Force, and said she is optimistic that action will be taken on these issues.
"When you have a president saying, ‘Tell me what matters, and I’ll do something about it,’ that's very powerful,” she added.
The subcommittee’s report, which addresses non-faculty members of the University staff, is only part of a larger report that the Task Force on the Status of Women will submit to O’Neil in January. The report also will address problems in University policy, limited opportunities for women in the Women’s Studies Program and difficulties in the University faculty.
In compiling data for the report, Geddes said the committee surveyed the University’s classified employees, asking them what they felt needed to be changed at the University and giving them a chance to be heard.
The committee also talked with the executive director on the Governor's Advisory Council on the Status of Women.
According to Geddes, most employees have held their jobs for at least seven or eight years. "This is a dedicated group of people," she said, "who need to be supported and need to be listened to."
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