February 24, 2024 · University of Virginia

Exploring Racial and Gender Identity for American Women of African Descent Through Self-Defense Trailing.

Abstract segment: "Research has shown that one of the most effective responses for women to thwart sexual assault is through competence in physical fighting techniques. Various studies also reveal multiple benefits beyond the actual defensive moves learned and the impact of women's self-defense classes on gender identity; however, the primary focus has been on white women or else little attention has been paid to the question of racial identity. In addition, previous research has not included an analysis of how race and gender intersect within the experience of self-defense training. During my career as a self-defense instructor over the last seventeen years, I gradually noted the limitations of my traditional white feminist approach. This discovery challenged my training in which sexism and the study of racism comprised separate fields of scholarly examination. "
Lisa Speidel
University of Virginia
Robert Covert
Hal Burbach
Dianne Hoffman
Stan Trent
Claire Kaplan
Curry School of Education
Date Added November 5, 2016
Date Modifed October 17, 2017
Collection UVA scholarship on sexual violence, 1974-

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