February 29, 2024 · University of Virginia

DNA Preparation and Amplification on Plastic Microfluidic Devices for Genetic Analyses.

Abstract: "The utilization of a microfluidics platform for DNA analysis would provide numerous advantages over conventional DNA analysis methods, including a completely closed system and reduction in analytical time. Before DNA can be analyzed, cells must first be eluted from the substrate (e.g., cotton swabs). A novel buffer is described, increasing sperm cell recovery from a cotton swab matrix to 85-90 %, an ~2-fold increase in recovery compared to a traditional differential extraction buffer, while comprehensively lysing epithelial cells, thereby increasing the probability of generating a full male DNA profile. In addition, to eliminate multiple sample handling steps and binding DNA to silica for purification (which leads to irreversible binding, thus, loss of DNA), an enzyme-based DNA preparation method is characterized, optimized and applied to various samples, including buccal swabs and blood stains. This method provides PCR-ready DNA in approximately 20 minutes, an ~4-fold reduction in preparation time compared to conventional DNA extraction."
Jenny Ann Lounsbury
University of Virginia
James Landers
Ralph Allen
Linda Columbus
David Cafiso
Department of Chemistry
Date Added November 5, 2016
Date Modifed October 17, 2017
Collection UVA scholarship on sexual violence, 1974-

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