October 31, 1984 · Cavalier Daily

Women Protest 'Snow White'

In this joke issue of the Cavalier Daily, this article spoofs on NOW's protests against the screening of the pornographic film "Deep Throat" on Grounds. In this spoof, a fictitious feminist organization, the Committee on Women (COW), plans to protest a screening of the film "Snow White," on the Grounds that it is sexist.


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Ardent Femme (sic)
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Women Protest ‘Snow White’
Cindy Tailored, president of the University chapter of the Committee on Women (COW), said her group will protest next week's on-Grounds screening of "'Snow White.”
Tailored, who the showing of the G-rated classic "the annual insult to women," said her organization will seek to educate the community to the dangers of so-called “family entertainment.”
'"The way Snow White is depicted in this film is just so demeaning to women," Tailored said. “I mean, after being forced into the forest, her survival depends on her subservience to seven men. That's disgusting."
Tailored said the film encourages men to view women as "slender little play things.”
“Snow White Is judged solely on her looks and her ability to cook and clean," said Tailored. “If she didn’t launch into that ‘sweet and innocent’ bit, the dwarfs would have let her rot in the forest.”
In addition, Tailored called the film's soundtrack "scary and sexist.”
"Have you heard that song 'Whistle While You Work?” she asked. "Those hardhats are bad enough. If this catches on, it won’t be safe for a woman to walk into any office in America."
COW member Mary Hot-thorns said she has invited University President Frankie Angus to attend "Snow White" with them.
“If he sees that it has no socially redeeming value, we will ask him to help banish this piece of pre-ERA filth to the trash can of history," she said.
But reached in an exclusive interview from his Carrs Hill Angus said be probably won’t be able to make the show.
"l don't have any interest in seeing the film,” Angus said. don't have any interest in doing anything. I'm retiring, remember?"
When pressed for comment, Angus expressed sympathy for the protesters.
"Their acronym is ‘COW’ and my lovely wife Anne tells me they're one of the family," he said.
Asked to comment on the protest, Gov't Ass. Prof Hairy Sabotage said he didn't think it would influence next Tuesday's North Carolina Senate race.
"They think Wahoos are a bunch of commie pinkos anyway,” he said.
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