February 3, 1984 · Cavalier Daily

A Pathetic Attempt

This article discusses a protest held by College Rep. Marie Hawthorne against the screening of the pornographic film "Deep Throat" on Grounds. It elaborates upon the backlash faced by Hawthorne following the protest, including threatening phone calls, citing these as an example of men attempting to intimidate a feminist into silence.


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Cavalier Daily
A Pathetic Attempt
Women who raise their voices against sexism can expect men to attempt to intimidate them into silence. In an educated community, such as the University, we would hope such attempts at intimidation would not occur, but they do.
After leading a protest against the screening of the X-rated movie “Deep Throat” at Gilmer Hall and announcing her intent to sponsor a Student Council referendum banning the screening of pornographic films in University facilities, College Rep. Marie Hawthorne received a series of threatening telephone calls. At least one anonymous caller threatened her with violence.
The irony of this inexcusable incident is that Hawthorne has been persecuted for exercising a right pornography viewers claim they deem precious – the freedom of expression. We must harshly condemn this attempt to suppress the freedom of the human spirit through intimidation and praise all women who will not acquiesce to pathetic attempts to assert male dominance.
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