1987-04-13 - Racist and Sexist Stereotypes Found in Graphic Accompanying Letter.pdf
This letter to the editor criticizes a graphic that accompanied a previous letter to the editor by…

1987-06-25 - Task Force Identifies Women's Concerns.pdf
The UVA Task Force on the Status of Women, appointed by University President O'Neil, finds…

1986-04-16 - Columns With Sexual Slurs Don't Belong on Edit Page.pdf
This letter to the editor criticizes the Cavalier Daily's syndicated publication of an article by…

1985-09-03 - An Open Letter to President O'Neil.pdf
This letter to the editor by a first-year law student responds to University President O'Neil's…

Minorities respond to area violence- Neuhaus.pdf
"Although response to the 'Violence Against Women' forum last week was generally positive, some…

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Cavaliers in Racial Incident- Maske.pdf
"Players from the Virginia and Oklahoma football teams, in town to prepare for Sunday night's Gator…

BSA responds to sexual assault.pdf
"In light of the recent assaults around Grounds, the Black Student Alliance and the Office of…

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AKA Panel probes race and rape ties-Nixon.pdf
Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and Sexual Assault Facts and Education representatives hold a panel…

Forum examines causes of assault- Schweiger.pdf
Article discussing a workshop entitled "Acquaintance Sexual Assault: An African-American Response"

1985-02-12 Football Players Implicated in Incident.pdf
Three University football players reportedly hurl snowballs and racial slurs at a black woman in a…

1985-02-13 Bennett Sees Subtle Racism at University.pdf
Clifford Bennett, an associate professor at the University's Education School, delivers a speech…

1985-02-14 Schultz, Welsh Plan No Punishment.pdf
Three University football players are involved in an altercation with a black woman in a car,…