1984-09-05 NOW to Debate Hereford Letter.pdf
University President Frank Hereford declines an invitation by the local chapter of the National…

1984-09-26 Student Begins Area Petition.pdf
A nursing student, Linda Larsen, begins a petition to establish a community standard on whether…

1984-10-31 Women Protest 'Snow White'.pdf
In this joke issue of the Cavalier Daily, this article spoofs on NOW's protests against the…

Anti-violence rally unites community- Edwards.pdf
"Charlottesville residents and University students seized the city last night to educate the…

LGBU fights homophobia with Day of Silence protest- Moore.pdf
2 different articles discussing the Day of Silence demonstration on UVA grounds by the Lesbian Gay…

March for gay rights draws 120- Sandlin.pdf
Article describing Charlottesville's first pride rally

People rally to prevent assault- Baltimore .pdf
Marchers in Charlottesville and at UVA in the annual Take Back the Night rally

Project displays shirts, distributes information- Sale.pdf
As part of Sexual Assault Awareness week, the Sexual assault fact & education organization kicked…

Raising a voice.pdf
150 University students and Charlottesville residents march as part of the Take Back the Night event

Students fill the street for Take Back the Night- Frank.pdf
16th annual Take Back the Night in Charlottesville looks to increase awareness about violence and…

Take back the night- march & rally poster.pdf
Poster calling attention to the Take Back the Night march & rally in Charlottesville and the…

UVA vigil targets sexual violence- Sanminiatelli .pdf
Rise in reported assaults spurs students and faculty to sponsor discussion on sexual violence at UVA