1988-01-28 - On-Grounds Crime Drops 4.7 Percent.pdf
The number of Part I crimes, including sexual assault, on Grounds drops from 593 in 1986 to 565 in…

1988-01-29 - Victims of Sexual Abuse Learn to Cope.pdf
This Viewpoint article discusses the various psychological challenges faced by survivors of…

1988-03-09 - Panel Discusses Sexual Bias.pdf
A panel of UVa graduate students and faculty define 'academic sexual harassment' and discuss the…

1988-05-21 - University Students Assaulted.pdf
First-year UVa student and football player Phillip Intihar is charged with breaking into a female…

In the women's bathroom of UVA's Cocke Hall, graffiti on the walls names "alleged rapists, alleged…

Cav Daily Sept 1 1992 - New Posts for Women & Faculty Woes at Darden.pdf
President Casteen appoints women and minorities to adminstrative positions to further diversity. In…

Cav Daily Sept 7, 1992 - Be Aware.pdf
An article written in the wake of a sexual assault upon a second-year female student at a Pi Lambda…

Cav Daily Sept 7, 1992 - Student Assaulted During Rugby Road Party.pdf
A female second-year student is brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by a male guest at a Pi…

Cav Daily Sept 8, 1992 - Police Continue to Investigate, Police Report Second Assault.pdf
Police report no new findings in the beating and sexual assault of a second-year female student at a…

Cav Daily Sept 8, 1992 - Third Assault, Roots of Violence Debated, Police Request Radford's Help.pdf
A group of non-University students attack a fourth-year student. In a separate article, students and…

Cav Daily Sept 9, 1992 - Investigators Find Inconsistencies.pdf
Witnesses' and fraternity members' accounts differ as police question them about a group of strange…

SARA organizes support group- Sheridan.pdf
Support groups forming to break isolation felt by survivors of sexual crimes