1984-03-27 Men Sentenced in Rape Case.pdf
Four Massachusetts men are convicted of raping a woman on a barroom pool table, and are sentenced to…

Cavalier Daily Apr 19, 1993 - Trespass; Caution.pdf
One letter to the editor reflects on recent instances of violence, including the rape of two female…

1985-04-02 Police Catch Rape Suspect.pdf
After hiding in the coal car of a train to evade police, local man Sammy Davis is charged with the…

1984-04-26 Serving Justice.pdf
This article reacts to nationally televised coverage of the "Big Dan's Tavern" rape case. It argues…

1996-03-06 - Cavalier Daily American Female Soldier Raped in Bosnia.pdf
A female American soldier is reportedly raped by two Czech soldiers working with a NATO-led peace…

Cavalier Daily Oct 10, 1975 - Alleged Rapist to Face Trial.pdf
Defendant Raymond Lee Hester goes on trial for the rapes of a University student and a Piedmont…

This article critiques the poor journalism in the Rolling Stone article "A Rape on Campus.".

A summary of the Columbia School of Journalism report on Rolling Stone's article "A Rape on Campus."

1986-01-30 - Juvenile Charged With Rape.pdf
A 15-year old male, also charged with a previous abduction and rape of a Charlottesville woman, is…

1996-10-30 Cavalier Daily Maryland Woman Killed in North Carolina by Internet Friend.pdf
Sharon R. Lopatka's body is found buried on the property of Robert Glass, a man she met over the…

1996-10-29 Cavalier Daily Student Report Causes Concern at University.pdf
University police receive a report from a female student that she witnessed an abduction, in which a…

Police-UVA student raped under Beta Bridge-Hickerson.pdf
Attack similar to series of previous sexual assaults