What to do when someone you know is raped.pdf
Informational packet taken from an interview of Linda Sandford in People magazine regarding…

UVA remembers assault survivors- Jerzak.pdf
Article regarding events during Sexual Awareness Month

Sexual assault survivors offer support- Kiah & Thanaporn.pdf
Article about open forum on sexual assault, "Speak Out," and sexual assault victims who spoke out at…



Raped- a male survivor breaks his silence- Pelka .pdf
Personal account by a man raped by another man.

Rape victim still tormented by memories- Sarris.pdf
Article is the first in a four-part series on rape in the UVA and Charlottesville community: "Mary"…

Newsweek- Victims of Rape-Should their names be kept secret?.pdf
Newsweek magazine discussing the media's role in the Kennedy case and the growing controversy over…

One Woman's Account of successfully dealing with violence.pdf
A woman's account of dealing with the aftermath of her daughter's rape

Media Report to Women.pdf
Relating to media coverage of the Kennedy case, in which a rape survivor was named on the media,…

Its not just a women's issue anymore- Stasio.pdf
Article discussing sexual assaults against men

Delayed Lawsuits- Thompson.pdf
Article about the delay of lawsuits on sexual abuse and the effects of these delays on the victims…

A history of rape victim advocacy in Virginia- Dawson.pdf
A draft of a history of rape victim advocacy in Virginia- C.O.S.A.R., Rape Crisis Centers, and…

1985-04-02 Police Catch Rape Suspect.pdf
After hiding in the coal car of a train to evade police, local man Sammy Davis is charged with the…