1986-01-30 - Juvenile Charged With Rape.pdf
A 15-year old male, also charged with a previous abduction and rape of a Charlottesville woman, is…

A summary of the Columbia School of Journalism report on Rolling Stone's article "A Rape on Campus."

This article critiques the poor journalism in the Rolling Stone article "A Rape on Campus.".

Cavalier Daily Oct 10, 1975 - Alleged Rapist to Face Trial.pdf
Defendant Raymond Lee Hester goes on trial for the rapes of a University student and a Piedmont…

1996-03-06 - Cavalier Daily American Female Soldier Raped in Bosnia.pdf
A female American soldier is reportedly raped by two Czech soldiers working with a NATO-led peace…

1984-04-26 Serving Justice.pdf
This article reacts to nationally televised coverage of the "Big Dan's Tavern" rape case. It argues…

1985-04-02 Police Catch Rape Suspect.pdf
After hiding in the coal car of a train to evade police, local man Sammy Davis is charged with the…

Cavalier Daily Apr 19, 1993 - Trespass; Caution.pdf
One letter to the editor reflects on recent instances of violence, including the rape of two female…

1984-03-27 Men Sentenced in Rape Case.pdf
Four Massachusetts men are convicted of raping a woman on a barroom pool table, and are sentenced to…

Bond denied for suspect in UVA assault-Bowman.pdf
"A judge denied bond Monday for an 18-year-old Charlottesville man charged in connection with a…



An article recounting the mounting discrepancies in "Jackie's" account of an alleged gang rape…

1988-04-07 - Rape Seeking Justice part 2.pdf
This focus article on rape details several rape cases at UVa and the survivors' experiences of…