Awareness of assault stress- Greiman- Sexual Assault Awareness Week schedule .pdf
2 separate articles on Speak Out and sexual assault forums, as well as a Sexual Assault Awareness…


Beyer Wants to have a sexual assault registry- articles.pdf
Lt. Gov. Donald S. Beyer proposes a sex offender registry for VA, as well as an elimination of the…

Coed Naked Education- Timlin.pdf
A history of women at UVA

Domestic Violence- educational.pdf
Informational packet containing different explanations of domestic violence and its effects and…

Have a tested strategy against attacks? -Denery.pdf
Claire Kaplan encourages survivors to help assisting preventing attacks

If a student needs to discuss gay or lesbian concerns with you...-educational handout.pdf
Educational handout to professors on how to assist LGBTQ students

March for gay rights draws 120- Sandlin.pdf
Article describing Charlottesville's first pride rally

One Woman's Account of successfully dealing with violence.pdf
A woman's account of dealing with the aftermath of her daughter's rape

Rape- Untold campus story- Claire Kaplan.pdf
Article by Claire Kaplan discussing women, men, rape and its effects, along with how different…

Standing up to Assault- Pour.pdf
Article discussing Claire Kaplan's efforts to provide new coordination for rape prevention resources…

Students fill the street for Take Back the Night- Frank.pdf
16th annual Take Back the Night in Charlottesville looks to increase awareness about violence and…

Rape- When the Assailant is one of our own- Lowers.pdf
"Sexual assault isn't committed by just men. Lesbians who have been rapes by other lesbians are…