The Language of Sexual Assault


The semantic frequency graphs were generated using the Lexos software, created and hosted by Wheaton College (

Plaintexts of all Cavalier Daily items were concatenated in chronological order and uploaded as a .txt file to Lexos. The file was then scrubbed to remove all punctuation and render all letters lowercase.

Word and phrase frequencies were analyzed using the Rolling Windows menu option, with the following options selected:

1. Test_file

2. Rolling Average

3. Enter the word or phrase to be analyzed in "Search Pattern(s)." Select "String" so that phrases are recognized as a unit.

4. Calculate the average number of words per article and set "Size of Rolling Window" to this number. This way, the frequency values along the y-axis will display as a proportion to the average number of words per article.

5. Hide Individual Points

6. Get Graph