A packet compiled by the Lesbian and Gay Student Union regarding examples of homophobia at UVA. The…

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The Black Student Alliance released a statement denouncing any effort by the University or Board of…

Cavalier Daily July 19, 1979 - Sex Change Suit Pending.pdf
Selena Jagger files a lawsuit against the University Hospital for a botched sex change operation.

1983-10-03 Cavalier Daily Gay Students More Susceptible to Stress, Medical Officials Say.pdf
Student Health officials find that gay students are a high-stress group at UVA, due to the ordinary…

1983-10-26 Cavalier Daily Feminists Deserve Respect from Schlafly.pdf
This article by a male University student strongly objects to a column by Phyllis Schlafly in a…

1984-2-22 Discrimination Hurts Everyone.pdf
This letter to the editor written by the president of the Gay Student Union expresses support for…

1984-03-28 Gay Awareness Week.pdf
After deliberation, the Student Council decides to endorse Gay Awareness Week. Debate among…

1984-03-29 Sexual Orientation Discrimination Has No Place at Law School.pdf
This letter to the editor indicates that UVa's Law School is one of the only top American law…

1984-04-02 Equal Rights.pdf
This statement by the Cavalier Daily expresses support of Gay Awareness Week's efforts to reduce…

1984-04-03 The Wrong Remedy.pdf
This statement by the Cavalier Daily opposes the inclusion of sexual orientation in the University's…