Cavalier Daily May 28, 1954 - Suspensions Upheld by Board of Visitors.pdf
The Board of Visitors denies appeals by 5 of the 12 students charged with "conduct ending to…

Cavalier Daily May 29, 1954 - Views on Segregation.pdf
Various students' reactions against and in favor of the Supreme Court ruling to desegregate schools.

Cavalier Daily May 29, 1954 - Students Not Enthusiastic About Self-Discipline.pdf
After 12 students are suspended for committing a sexual assault, President Darden comments on…

Cav Daily Sept 16, 1954 - The Honor Men Poem.pdf
The Honor Men poem, including the line, "pursue no woman to her tears."

Cav Daily Sept 22, 1954 - You Name Them.pdf
A reporter's disparaging account of the acceptance of 6 daughters of professors into the University,…

Cav Daily Oct 1, 1954 - Wise Women.pdf
A short quote denouncing women's attempts at independence from men.

Cav Daily Oct 5, 1954 - A Plea for Patience.pdf
An article about racial tension between whites and African Americans, advocating desegregation by…

Cav Daily Nov 5, 1954 - Openings Weekend Issue.pdf
Newspaper from 1954 Openings weekend, containing evidence of rape culture: "Dates to Be Pushed,…

Cav Daily Nov 5, 1954 - Special Committee for Sex Offenses.pdf
The Student Council and President Darden rule that sexual assault cases will be decided by a…

A packet compiled by the Lesbian and Gay Student Union regarding examples of homophobia at UVA. The…