June 1, 1987 · Task Force on Afro-American Affairs

An Audacious Faith: Report of the Task Force on Afro-American Affairs

A detailed report acknowledging the lack of black students at UVA, the history of black oppression in the education system, and how both might perpetuate power and privilege of an elite class. The report calls for an administrative restructure that recommends strategies for an increase in recruitment and retention of black faculty and students, student academic services to include black needs, and other strives toward black equity at the university.
Howard W. Allen, Maurice Apprey, Taylor Beard, Clifford T. Bennett, Joseph Brown, James Deese, William A. Elwood, Rodney Hopson, Waldo Martin, Cheryl Mills, Barbara Nolan, Mark Reisler, Charlotte H. Scott, Alexander Sedgwick, Sybil Todd, Carl Trindle
Black Fire at UVA
Task Force on Afro-American Affairs
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