December 31, 1969 · Lesbian and Gay Student Union

Documented Examples of Homophobia at UVA: 1957 to 1990

A packet compiled by the Lesbian and Gay Student Union regarding examples of homophobia at UVA. The articles included in this packet are as follows: (1) "Homosexuals attempt to gain acceptance" from The Cavalier Daily, (2) "Recognition and harassment of homosexuals increases" from The Cavalier Daily, (3) "Great to be Straight" from The Virginia Advocate, (4) "Candidate posted fliers" from The Cavalier Daily, (5) a comic strip called "The Jungle" in the University Journal uses the word "queer," (6) "Gays, fraternity battle over Beta Bridge" from The Cavalier Daily, (7) "Proposal on gays rejected" from The Cavalier Daily, (8) "YAF officers distribute circulars attacking University groups" from The Cavalier Daily, (9) "Bob Elkins Versus Frank Hereford" (source not cited), (10) "Outraged At Union" from The Cavalier Daily, and (11) "GAY's Hold Dress Ball In Rotunda; Easters Queen To Be Announced" from the April 1972 "joke issue" of The Cavalier Daily.  Some of the other documents are pictues of homophobic actions, such as graffiti.


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