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Sex Proposal Sweeps Media

A new policy proposes to restrict sexual relations between faculty and students at the University.


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Leonard McCants
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Sex Proposal Sweeps Media
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Although University is not the first college in the country to try to restrict faculty-student sexual relationships, members of the national media are having a field day with the story.
The proposal was first announced in local newspapers in February, and the issue snowballed recently with stories in the Washington Post and the New York Times. Yesterday, NBC News “Today” interviewed Student Council President Matt Cooper, and he said Larry King may interview him on “Larry King Live” tonight. Also, daytime syndicated talk shows like “The Montel Williams Show" and "The Jane Whitney Show” have contacted him.
“Anything that has to do with sex is a prime target for the media," Cooper said. The policy really doesn't affect the people in Oklahoma, but they are interested nonetheless."
Stacy Van Dyke, a producer for the nationally-syndicated "Jane Whitney Show" based in New York City, said the upcoming show will not "hone in on just" the University. “This goes on in campuses around the country.”
The Faculty Senate's policy proposal would prohibit faculty members from making “romantic or sexual overtones [sic] to, or (engaging) in sexual relations with any undergraduate student” if it is passed by the Senate during its April 22 meeting.
The policy will not be the most restrictive, nor will it be the most lenient among the universities contacted yesterday.
Tufts University follows approximately the same guidelines as the University's proposed policy, prohibiting consensual relationships among faculty members and students, said Rosemarie Van Camp, a Tufts University relations official.
The Universities of Indiana and Iowa have restrictions that allow relationships between faculty members and students if the faculty member is not teaching the student at the time.
History Prof. Ann Lane, a leading advocate of the proposal, could not be reached for comment.
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