September 3, 1975 · Cavalier Daily

New Swingier Styles Rate 'A' With Coeds

An article discussing shorter, "swingier" hairstyles becoming popular among female University students. This and many other articles from the 1970s refer uniquely to female students as "coeds."


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New Swingier Styles Rate 'A' With Coeds
The natural look in hair still gets the biggest vote on campus – but many of the new styles are shorter, swingier, and a great deal more versatile than they’ve been in the past. And needless to say, they’re easy to maintain – for any girl who’s on a daily 16-hour round of classes, social activities and studying has little time left over for complicated styling and repeated settings.
If today’s co-ed can’t quite summon the courage to become a bob-haired beauty, her long tresses can nevertheless be restyled to give her this year’s softer, bouncier look.
Whatever the length and cut she envisions, a good hair stylist is her best friend – and he’ll have a number of face-flattering styles to suggest. After that all-important visit, the basis of beautiful hair is, of course, the squeaky-clean freshness that comes with shampooing – and the more recent, the better.
To counteract the flyaway look of freshly washed hair, and to give shorter hair styles the softness, luster and body they should have, an after-shampoo treatment with a product such as Breck Crème Rinse can make all the difference. It can be used directly from the bottle, massaged into the hair, and rinsed off just before blow drying or before setting hair with rollers or pin curls.
With a little bit of practice, any co-ed can win a master’s degree in the fine art of styling – and be known around campus as the girl with the beautiful hair.
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