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Cheerleaders Rebut Charges, Defend Squad

The all-female cheerleading squad rebuts charges that they discriminated against male students during tryouts, stating that no qualified males auditioned.


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Cheerleaders Rebut Charges, Defend Squad
The all-female cheerleading squad yesterday rebutted the charge that males had been purposely excluded from the squad.
According to third-year woman Deborah Austin and second-year woman Marty Lee, two of the squad members, no men ever took part in final tryouts.
“Only three guys came to the final tryouts in September and they did not even try out,” Miss Lee explained.
“The men said that more guys had to come out before they would try.”
Second-year man Bill Preston was one of the three who appeared at the final tryout but did not compete.
“I wanted to go out but Mr. Edwards (the cheerleader advisor) made it clear that we would not have a chance.”
“During the spring tryout we were told that we would not be able to compete in the final spring tryout. We were hoping for a better turnout in the fall.”
He attributed the absence of male members on the squad to a “combination of a lack of turnout and a lack of communication.”
According to Miss Lee, candidates were judged on their appearance, ability and personality. The judging committee consisted of gymnasts, dance instructors, coach’s wives and athletic representatives.
“People in the committee were people who are interested in cheerleading, per se,” said third-year woman Betsy Dworshak, another cheerleader.
‘New and Different’
“The cheerleaders last year were picked for something new and different, which never came about,” she added.
Miss Austin defined the cheerleader’s role as, “what we do is encourage enthusiasm, get the people behind the team. We try to appeal to everybody,” she explained.
To appeal to everyone first0-year cheerleader Jann Griffith said, “we have to do more than the four things done traditionally: ‘Defense,’ ‘Go, Wahoos, Go,’ ‘Rugby Road’ and ‘The Good Old Song.’
“We want to promote Spirit” Miss Lee said. Miss Dworshak added, “Cheerleaders are not just visible on the field, they are public relations people for the University.”
Referring to criticism of their “UNC type” routine, most of the squad said they had never seen the UNC routine and that there was no effort to implement their style.
‘Something To Look At’
“Gymnastics give the people something to look at, not a bunch of deadheads,” said Miss Lee.
All seven members of the ten-woman squad at the meeting voiced support for “The Good Old Song.”
However, several members said that because of its slow tempo it should not be sung after touchdowns when the enthusiasm of the crowd is at its height.
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