A Motion for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences


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Subject A Motion for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

At a time when young men and women study together on an equal basis in courses, work together in laboratories, participate equally in a wide spectrum of student organizations, and prepare for careers in which they will be colleagues, there remains no rational for gender-segregated residential and social organizations at the University of Virginia. We see the devastating results of a tradition that gives exclusively male organizations a monopoly over the social life of undergraduates, a system in which women are treated as subservient and dependent on the decisions of their male classmates. While we, the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences, believe in the important educational mission of university-sponsored residential life, we deplore the clandestine inculcation of a culture in which some are trained to rape and others trained to be silent about rape. The students of the University are proud of the honor system and must realize that rape and honor are incompatible. We call upon the students, the President, and the Board of Visitors to recognize that the fraternity system is not compatible with the educational and civic mission of the University of Virginia. It is time for us to work together to abolish abusive institutions that have been allowed to undermine the ideals that the University proclaims.

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