November 7, 1976

Correspondence between parent Peggy Parcell and UVA President Hereford (November-December 1976)

UVA parent Peggy Parcell writes to UVA President Hereford about her concern for the safety of her daughters at UVA during "the present crisis," a series of sexual assaults against women students on Grounds. She says that one daughter, a third-year student in Nursing, is "horrified with the prospect of being raped and mutilated" and questions whether "all that can be done to provide students with added protection during the present crisis" and "make students aware of the threat" has been done. Hereford, in his reply, enumerates the safety measures taken by the University but also notes that "Many of our women students live off the Grounds...and therefore outside the jurisdiction of the University authorities."


Edward Gaynor, University Archivist
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