August 31, 1999

Anti-gay attack against Paul Vogel (1970s) - email correspondence

1999 email correspondence between University Relations and a library staff member requesting information about an alleged attack sometime in the early 1970s against Paul Vogel, a UVA graduate student and gay rights activist, because of his political activities - including his involvement in Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).


Louise Dudley, Director, University Relations
Item provided by Edward Gaynor, Acting University Archivist (July 2017).
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Ernie: Do you remember an episode from the early 70's in which Paul Vogel, a graduate student in English, was supposedly beaten up by 7 law students because he was a gay activist? His apartment was reportedly ransacked and he claimed (before he died) that he lost his fellowship because of his political activities- SDS among,others.

A national newspaper is inquiring in connection with a profile of his playwright sister, who won a Pulitzer last year. She has evidently mentioned this in several interviews, She says no one was ever disciplined for his assault. I asked the reporter if it became a police matter, but she didn't know. Thanks for any leads or memories you can dredge up. Of course public info sources, such as the CD. or Daily Progress, would be the best.

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