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Women's Issues Addressed

University President O'Neil convenes a task force consisting of Director of Women's Studies Sharon Davie, various faculty, administrators, and student representatives, to address women's concerns at UVa. These include faculty salary equity, sexual harassment, and the paucity of female role models for female students.


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Julie Kleckley
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Cavalier Daily
Women’s Issues Addressed
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A task force on the status of women at the University has recently been created to study such issues as salary equity, faculty recruitment and retention, health and safety issues affecting women students and representation of women students in University governance.
Created by University President Robert O'Neil, the task force's purpose is to "identify gaps and deficiencies in [University] policies, areas of University life in which equal opportunity is by gender, and programs which would enhance opportunities for women faculty, staff and students," according to O'Neil.
The task force is made up of 11 members, including Director of Women's Studies Sharon Davie, Associate Provost Katharine Reed and Student Council Vice President Laura Forester.
O'Neil suggested the creation of a task force after meeting with the Women’s Faculty and Professional Association last year. At that time, the members expressed concern over certain women's issues and O'Neil a task force similar to one formed at the University of Wisconsin in 1978.
O'Neil said the task force's duties may include collecting and analyzing findings of similar studies at other universities and national higher education organizations.
The task force is also to compile an inventory of "all existing resources and services for women at the University," he said.
Task Force member Katharine Reed said she hopes the task force will further the cause of sexual equality at the University.
Specifically, she said she hopes the task force will help women gain access to information on job promotions and state personnel regulations on advancement for women.
But, she said, "we must look first at where we are before we can look at where we want to be, thus the task force will not be a quick study but rather an intense look at women's role at the University."
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