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Task Force Tackles Women's Concerns

University President O'Neil's Task Force on Women investigates women's issues at UVa, including child care for female faculty, the lack of female role models for female students, equity in faculty salaries, and establishing a University policy on sexual harassment.


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Diane Whitehurst
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Task Force Tackles Women’s Concerns
The University Task Force on Women, appointed by University President Robert O’Neil, began its study into the unique needs and problems of women at the University last week.
The newly appointed committee will tackle concerns of students and faculty, according to Chairman Prudence Thorner, a management engineer for the University Hospital administration.
The committee is divided into four subcommittees to tackle particular areas of concern and generate ideas for additional issues to address, according to task force member Laura Forester, who is also Student Council Vice President for Services and Projects.
“We are trying to address the many resources that we need here, including child care and maternity needs for women faculty and administrators and a women’s resource center on Grounds,” Thorner said.
She said areas of concern for students include that lack of female role models and the need to use non-sexist language in the classroom.
The task force will also publicize a University policy on sexual harassment, she added.
The task force will try to abide by the agenda set by O’Neil, Thorner said. The president requested the group study such issues as:
• Equity in salaries and benefits for female faculty and staff
• Recruitment and retention of female faculty and professional staff
• Special needs of female students at the University
• Employment policies which affect female employees
O’Neil also requested the task force submit a report on the status of women in terms of how they are represented in the governance of the University and shaping of University policies.
Besides the agenda O’Neil set, the task force will make a separate list of key concerns that it feels should be addressed, Forester said.
During its first meeting last week, the task force examined similar studies and results at other universities.
The task force is expected to complete its preliminary report by May, according to a timetable set by O’Neil. The committee will release its final report at the end of next year.
The group will meet again on Dec. 4 to discuss the progress of the subcommitees’ studies.
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