February 11, 1987 · Cavalier Daily

CRs Produce Sexist Flyer

This letter to the editor points to sexism in a College Republican registration flyer, which advertises "1) Women. 2) Drinks. 3) Politics" at its upcoming convention.


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Valerie Peterson
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
CRs Produce Sexist Flyer
Remember when Lisa Miller wrote her article criticizing the "Women of Virginia" calendar? Well, she would have loved the College Republican Feb. 11 meeting flyer. I am not a “rad fem,” but I know a boo-boo when I see one The flyer is a real example of a sexist exist attitude, and its designer deservw know why.
The flyer advertises the meeting and state convention sign-up, with date, place and time. In the middle, though, it has a little list: 1) Women, 2) Drinks, 3) Politics. Isn't that special?
Now some didn't notice anything funny about this, but I'd be extremely insulted if my political party put me on some list as a featured item. That’s some invitation. Thanks. Now know women will be there. Why not feature men, too?
I'm sure some people will try to say that drinks and women are being treated as important by being listed, but let’s be serious. Women are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect. We are not like social institutions or beverages, and it's insulting to be featured in lists with them.
The moral of the story: Open your eyes and join the real world, or get someone to proofread your flyers first.
Valerie Peterson
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