November 20, 1985 · Cavalier Daily

Respect Would Be Nice

This letter to the editor by a female student responds to sexism precipitated by male students, including the publication of a "Girls of UVa" Calendar." It objects ironically to statements about the "aloofness" of UVa girls with the statement that women might be more forthcoming if men treated them with greater respect.


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Lisa Smith
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Respect Would be Nice
OK, that does it. First, we get a letter to the editor about how we “U.Va. girls" are aloof and won't talk to guys. Then we get John Sharretts' comic strip on Nov. 18, comparing “U.Va. girls" to Milwaukee’s Best beer. What's next? A "Girls of JMU" calendar distributed to all first-year guys? I guess it really is all our fault. After all, just because you may reek of, say, Milwaukee's Best, or belch at us, or talk directly to our chests, that's no reason for a girl to deny herself the experience of talking to a U.Va. guy. No, I suppose that we "U. Va. girls'" just don't appreciate traditional Virginia gentlemen's flattery when we see it. Well, guys, guess what? We really do want to meet you, as much as you want to meet us. But remember that this is college now, and few girls are impressed with the same obnoxious antics we saw in the seventh grade. So maybe, just maybe (I don't want to make any promises that we a U.Va. girls" may not be able to keep), if you U.Va. boys would treat us U.Va. girls with little more respect, we might have a little more luck getting together. If not, at least say “hi" to us when you see us at JMU trying to meet friendly guys.
Lisa Smith
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