October 24, 2016

Erdely finishes testimony Saturday, Court to resume Oct. 24

"Sabrina Rubin Erdely, author of “A Rape on Campus” and part of former Associate Dean Nicole Eramo’s $7.85 million lawsuit against Rolling Stone magazine, finished her testimony Saturday.
Scott Sexton, Erdely and Rolling Stone’s attorney, continued his direct examination of Erdely by asking her about her personal view of Eramo.
Sexton also asked Erdely if she had ever called for Eramo’s termination from the University, to which Erdely responded she would have never thought such a thing.
“I had no reason to have any bad feeling toward Eramo. She had a difficult job,” Erdely said. “I admired how the students felt about her. She had to balance the needs of the student with the University policy. She was in [between] a rock and a hard place.”

Xara Davies
Cavalier Daily
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