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Homosexual 'Sin' is 'Disgusting and Perverse,' Offensive Social Disorder

The writer of this letter to the editor asserts that homosexuality is offensive to him, even as he asserts that hatred and discrimination against gays is wrong. He considers homosexuality to be sinful and asserts that those who are tolerant towards gays are intolerant to those who oppose homosexuality.


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Samuel Roskelley
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Homosexual 'Sin' is 'Disgusting and Perverse,' Offensive Social Disorder
With all the effort lately to promote gay rights and the gay movement, I feel compelled to cast one dissenting vote. Let me begin by saying that I believe strongly that gay people should not be hated or discriminated against unjustly. Hate and prejudice are wrong. However.], I am not to apologize for what I believe, and I have to say that homosexuality is very offensive to me. Hopefully, myself and those like myself who believe that it is wrong can distinguish the sin from the sinner.
The sin of homosexuality is disgusting and perverse. Now I know I've just ben labeled "closed minded" by a great many people, but let me suggest that those that are so tolerant of homosexuality to be very intolerant to those opposed to it.
At least that’s been true in the letters I've seen printed last couple of weeks. It seems they are just as closed minded. So please let me have my opinion.
I thought it was very pretentious of Gluck (April 11) to say that gay people are not responsible for their condition. Nobody has proved what causes it and I for one don't buy this idea that they are created that way Rather, in a society which believes the object of life is gratified pleasure, many discover what an empty life it is and turn to perversion and extremes to find some satisfaction. It is a social disorder and not an inherited one.
Now to O’Malleys’ delight (The University Journal, April 11) I’ll quote the scriptures. "Male and female created he them . . therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” I think that is sufficiently clear. God ordained family in its traditional sense and intended no deviations from it, or as Jesus said concerning the family, "What therefore God hath jointed together, let no man put asunder.”
I believe in families. And I believe that people can change. That is why I do not condemn people but I do condemn homosexuality.
Samuel Roskelley
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