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Clarifying Title IX

This opinion article criticizes the Supreme Court's ruling in Grove City College v. Bell, that Title IX only applied to a single federally funded financial aid program, not to the college as a whole. The writer asserts that this ruling sets a precedent that permits gender discrimination in collegiate athletic programs that are not federally funded.


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Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Clarifying Title IX
Title IX of the Education Acts of 1972 has done wonders for the fight against sex discrimination in colleges and universities. Although the Supreme Court in its Grove City College ruling recently handed Title IX a severe setback, Congress can act quickly to rectify problems arising from the decision.
In the February Grove City case, the court ruled that Title IX, which bars discrimination in federally financed education programs, applied only to the the federally assisted program at Grove City — its student financial aid program. Such a narrow interpretation of Title IX and other civil rights legislation was not intended by Congress when it passed the laws.
Deleterious effects of the decision can already be seen. The Office of Civil Rights found disparities between men's and women's athletic programs but was forced to drop the charges, because it lacked jurisdiction after the Grove City decision. Since Maryland's athletic program receives no federal funds, it is allowed to practice sex discrimination.
A bill changing the language of the laws and thus reversing the effects of the decision was introduced into the House of Representatives last week. Since the bill creates no new policy and clearly would promote civil rights in almost all educational institutions, Congress should not delay in passing it.
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