January 20, 1984 · Cavalier Daily

Sexism Persistent Problem for University, Greeks

This letter to the editor by a male student asserts that sexism is prevalent in the Greek system, and provides examples of differing rush procedures between fraternities and sororities.


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Jeff Just
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Sexist Persistent Problem for University Greeks
There is a pervasive problem in our school, one that has bothered me ever I since I entered the University. The problem is sexism, and it was demonstrated very well in two in the Jan. 18 edition of The Cavalier Daily.
The first instance was in the discussing the merits of instituting a 2.0 minimum grade point average for any man interested in joining a fraternity. You add, however, that these proposals are nothing; “University women must maintain a 2.0 average before they can rush a sorority. But the men prohibited from joining fraternity, where they have begun to develop close ties, will that an insult has been added to the injury of low grades.” I suppose it is acceptable, though, to insult women.
The second example I discovered was in the article informing us that sororities drew a record number this year. My complaint isn't with article itself, but that the whole sorority pledge system needs to be examined.
During fraternity rush 15-keg parties are common, and the more you drink the better your chances are of being asked to pledge. During sorority rush, however, the "girls" get all dressed up and are bused to the houses, where they move from one quaint tea party to the next, making sure they are returned home promptIy by 9:30. I’m not saying the fraternities' methods are better, but these two extremes could learn something from each other and establish a more moderate rushing system. One that is the same for everyone.
These are only the two examples that prompted me to write. This prejudice can be seen daily, and if we eliminated it our school would be a great place for everyone, not just for us men.
Jeff Just
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