September 30, 1983 · Cavalier Daily

Insensitive Articles Offend Ladies, Women

This letter to the editor by a female student objects to a previous column on "ladies' restrooms" in the University Journal. While the content of the original article is not wholly clear from this letter, the writer countermands the Journal's assessment that the word "lady" expresses physical and mental daintiness. Further, she objects the the article using only the word "wife" instead of proper names to describe Mrs. Robert Kellogg and Mrs. Robert Cross, the wives of two UVA professors.


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Carrie Ann Rowland
Cavalier Daily
Cavalier Daily
Insensitive Articles Offend Ladies, Women
Did anyone notice the short column on “Ladies” restrooms Sept. 28 in the University Journal? Why in the world would spoace be wasted on that? Certainly it does no good for the women’s movement. Besides, I disagree that the term “lady” refers to a physical and mental daintiness.
And if the Journal is so seemingly conscious of women and their feelings, why didn't the editors take into consideration the feelings of the women who live in the Pavilions? In an article also in the Sept. 28 issue, several “wives” were referred to, and two pictures were included which referred to three individuals with nothing more than the term “wife.”
Does the Journal believe Mrs. Robert Kellogg or Mrs. Robert Cross have no first names? Or their only role in life is that of wife? Certainly they could show more respect than that. Although the professors probably have more direct interaction with the students on a daily basis, the article was on the Pavilions. The women would make up about half of that community.
In the future, if the Journal reporters (both of whom are male) are going to speak for women, or of women, the editors might be wise to check articles more closely to keep sexism out of journalism.
Carrie Ann Rowland
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