1998-01-28 Cavalier Daily SAFE Vigil Attracts Attention to Assaults.pdf
About 70 University students, staff, and local residents hold a vigil for victims of sexual assault,…

A flyer calling for a rally for racial justice at City Hall, the County Office Building, and at the…

1998-04-13 Cavalier Daily Fears Addressed at Take Back the Night.pdf
The UVA chapter of NOW holds its 11th annual Take Back the Night rally, featuring Charlottesville…

Cavalier Daily Nov 12, 1975 - Setting Jack's Record Straight.pdf
A series of letters to the editor reacting to the Minories Pub protests: One letter argues that,…

1984-4-27 BLSA Leads in Fight for Racial Equality.pdf
This article reflects on activism by the Black Law Students Association, which protested the lack of…

UVA vigil targets sexual violence- Sanminiatelli .pdf
Rise in reported assaults spurs students and faculty to sponsor discussion on sexual violence at UVA

Women reclaim night in Downtown march- Hill .pdf
"Marchers, including students and community leaders, gather downtown with banners and other signs."…

1996-04-19 Cavalier Daily Women Reclaim Night in Downtown Mall March (part 1).pdf
More than 100 women participate in the Take Back the Night march from the Downtown Mall to the…

Graffiti list alleged rapists-Brown.pdf
Names of supposed assailants written in women's bathroom

In the women's bathroom of UVA's Cocke Hall, graffiti on the walls names "alleged rapists, alleged…

1996-04-05 Cavalier Daily Students Protest Abortion.pdf
The University branch of the pro-life organization First Right stages a protest on the Lawn during a…

No Red Tape, a sexual assault awareness group at Columbia, is prevented by the university's…